by Jeanne

This past month, I’ve noticed that the pothos growing in my office began to lose leaves. It sits on top of a big china cabinet, and aside from standing on tip toes to water it once a week, I pretty …

margaret Months of Morning Glories
August 30th, 2011
Morning Glory
by margaret

I’ve been watching the slow cooking of my garden plants over the hot summer. Mixed with the heat and humidity have been some brilliant colors. My family and I have enjoyed the stark white of pansies in the planter by …

by janet

by Janet Clark I love the cannas gardens at Vander Veer Botanical Park in Davenport. These bold tropical flowers are impossible to miss, especially the taller varieties that top out at 12 feet in height. Even the smaller, three-foot plants …

by Jeanne

I can’t believe that the day after a major earthquake hit my little corner of the world – a 5.9, with the epicenter just about 70 miles from my home – I’m writing about hurricane preparations. But we’re looking ahead …

by carole

By Carole Corlew Before the big quake rumbled through Virginia, I had been out tending the garden. I was clipping a late cucumber from second-wave plantings, checking on tomatoes, tidying the soil around what I hope will be fall beets, …

margaret Houseplants with a Purpose
August 21st, 2011
cat grass
by margaret

I traveled to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago to visit one of my step-sisters and see her house for the first time. While her front and back yards were small, and she and her husband own a crazy dog that …

carole Sassy Garden Produce
August 19th, 2011
garden 404
by carole

> By Carole Corlew The Iowan came in the other day and announced, "It looks like you have gourds growing on the fence out there." He had not found gourds, but produce from the same family, cucurbits, or muskmelons in …

by janet

by Janet Clark I love tiny flowers. Heaven-scented lilies of the valley, sky blue forget-me-nots, sweet smelling allysum, and all the other little flowers are special favorites. When I see them, I half expect to find a fairy hiding under …

My Fathers Garden
August 16th, 2011
by admin

My Father’s Garden from Mirko Faienza on Vimeo.

by Jeanne

My garden in south central Virginia is reaching its peak, with abundant fresh, organic vegetables ready to pick each day.  I’ve got a drawer full of peppers waiting for another afternoon of canning, creating delicious garlic sweet-pickled peppers that we …

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