janetSpring Fever
February 17th, 2013
by janet

by Janet Clark

When the early spring bulbs first peak through the dirt, I start getting excited for spring. While I like all four seasons, the muted colors of winter wear on my spirits and I find myself eager for the purple crocuses, the pink hyacinths and the yellow daffodils that I know will bloom within a month or so. I still need to plant snowdrops, those early-blooming tiny white flowers that announce the end of winter, even if they are half buried by actual snow. That can be a project for my fall to-do list.

The sight of my daffodils and crocuses has my mind on more immediate concerns. I want to order another dozen or so lilies of the valley to add to the bunch I have planted under my bedroom window- what a great wake-up call, the sweet smell of those flowers!  I’m eager to see if I get some blossoms on my new lilac bush or if I’ll have to wait another year for it to get established, and I look forward to seeing how my hydrangea bush does. All the plants have been stressed by the drought, and I hope my frequent waterings last year were enough to help it survive.

That’s one of the best things about spring: it gets you looking forward. Winter is the time to sit back and reflect, but soon that quiet time will be over. Spring- the word itself speaks of action, of movement. Of growth and progress and new beginnings, starting with the new blossoms that will soon grace our gardens.

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