by Michele Miller

Let’s face it: gardening is hard work. It makes you sweat. And the hotter it gets outside, the more we sweat. That means we need to rehydrate our bodies and replenish what has seeped from our pores.

There are several ways I ensure I don’t sweat more than I’m putting back into my body on any given day. But when I’m out in the heat, I take special care of myself.

First and foremost, I always drink plenty of cool water. It’s free. It’s good for me. Can’t beat it. But there are some other ways to rehydrate and I find, reenergize.

I always keep a combination of the following on hand. Some are homemade drinks and others I buy from the store. I have found great success with these drinks.


Green Smoothies

When I’m in a hurry to get out the door and straight to yard work, I’ll whip up a green smoothie. Not only are they filling but they hydrate my body and prepare me for what’s ahead. Sometimes I add spinach; sometimes it’s kale. Once in a while, I even throw in an avocado. I’ll also add frozen banana and/or greek yogurt and whatever I feel like adding that day.  And this recipe might even look like sludge to you, but I’m known to throw coffee in the blender with my fruits/veggies as well! (Recipe here.)


Michele’s Lemonade

This recipe is delicious to me and so refreshing. With just four ingredients, it doesn’t take long to create. Make it the night before to have on hand for the next day.


Tart Tonic

If you enjoy all things tart, you’ll absolutely adore this drink. I love it and have drank it since 2001. I can’t get enough! Not that I enjoy everything tart but this tonic truly delivers what my body needs and craves. It hasn’t failed me yet!


Coconut Water (with pulp)

I don’t splurge on this daily. It can get to be a slightly expensive habit, but I rotate coconut water (with pulp) that I buy at my local grocery store. There are different brands with different prices. I have tried many. I always go back to the ones with pulp. So delish!


Green Tea with Honey (and ginseng)

Herbal teas are pure Heaven to me. I love to drink herbs alone or in combination with other herbs and/or spices. Green tea with honey is among one of my all-time favorites. Sometimes I brew my own and store it in glass jars with lids in the fridge. Other times I buy it in a can from the store. I splurge on these sometimes. Some of them come with a splash of ginseng. Love!


All of the above drinks make me feel refreshed, replenished, and reenergized. All I need is a few minutes from my garden or yard chores and one of these cold beverages to pick me up and carry me to the end of that day’s work.

Have you tried any of these drinks? What is your favorite way to rejuvenate after or during a hard day’s work in the hot outdoors? Do tell – I just may try it myself!

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