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Fall Garden

Fall Garden

I guess it’s time to face it. Summer is finally over and it’s time to embrace fall. Not that I have anything against mums, and pumpkins, and corn stalks, but it’s hard to let go of all the time I spent trying to keep all my plants alive.

This is the perfect time to get starting building my indoor garden. Since my main love is herbs, I like to focus on what to grow for the holidays. If I start now, things will be ready for harvest, just as I need to use them for Thanksgiving.

I have my favorites: basil, sweet marjoram, sage, thyme, that work for most of my cooking needs. These can all be good for an indoor garden, and I grow them every year. Basil is a little more delicate, growing well, but suddenly dying back after it has been harvested enough that the plant’s energy is spent. I like to have two basil plants growing at different times for this reason. One is 2 weeks younger than the other. Staggering them this way, ensures that I am never out of my favorite fresh herb.

Recently, I have found some pretty elaborate indoor gardens. Although my husband is unusually tolerant of my green thumb, I think even he would object to a 6 food tall mini-greenhouse in the dining room. My dream would be a tunnel connecting our retail greenhouse right to the main house. Then, I could go back and forth in my slippers all winter. Right now, I do have to put on my boots, but I can grow greens almost all winter in the unheated greenhouse. It isn’t nearly as fun as if I were trudging out there with a cup of tea in my jammies though.

Finally, a friend reminded me today, that pansies are the perfect spot of color during these fall days. This is the perfect reason to move all the herbs inside, and have an excuse to get myself back to the garden center for more plants. Those porches are starting to look pretty barren. I suppose it’s nice to have some extra time away from the outdoor gardening, but I still don’t have to like it.

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