janetFrom Classic to Shabby Chic
June 20th, 2012
by janet

by Janet Clark

Part of the fun of planting flowers is picking them and arranging them in just the right container. In my mind, that doesn’t always mean a tall crystal vase; while I appreciate the classic look, I also like to go for funkier, down-home styles like this old flour canister, well-suited for daisies and catmint. Almost any container can be used as a vase or pot.

I like putting tiny flowers like lilies of the valley in a salt shaker. Gravy boats, pretty enough on their own, make a charming vase for small to medium-sized flowers such as petunias, snapdragons, pansies and marigolds, with sprigs of lobelia and alyssum squeezed between them.  Bigger flowers like  daisies look right at home in a colorful canister or blue enamel cooking pot, and giants such as sunflowers fit well in a watering can or old-fashioned milk can.

In addition to the size of the container, I like to consider the color. Emptied lotion bottles from Bath and Body Works are colorful and ideal for monochromatic flower arrangements. I like one red zinnia in a blue bottle, or better yet, a line-up of them. I have a small green glass that looks great with an arrangement of white flowers and some greenery.

Flowers in unusual containers look good outside as well. I have an old washtub which has undergone several incarnations: spray painted red, it made a patriotic statement when filled with white begonias and blue lobelia. Now it’s painted silver and contains white, purple and white striped and deep purple petunias. Pink impatiens look sweet peeking out from a pair of beat-up work boots. I once had an old bicycle leaning against a shed, its basket filled with flowers.

Come to think of it, what container wouldn’t look better when arranged with blooming flowers?

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